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I started Elder Home Care CNY after my father passed away on Hospice. Home care made a difference in my family’s lives, and I hope to bring the same support and compassion to Central New York seniors and their families during their everyday lives.

Sandra O'Connor

Sandra O'Connor


Our Mission

It is our mission to provide our clients with exceptional home care services and achieve the optimum wellness they deserve. Our mission and vision will be achieved through the application of our core values, which include:



Keeping our client’s health, safety, quality of life and well-being central in the design and delivery of services



Treating and interacting with our clients with love, dignity, compassion, and empathy



Showing respect for all cultures, religions, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ages, gender and disabilities



Treating our clients with honesty and integrity while recognizing and maintaining confidentiality of client information



Nurturing our clients for their optimum independence, security and privacy



Provide our clients unselfish good-hearted staff members who are generous with their care and compassion