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Home care allows seniors to enjoy their independence and freedom that living at home brings.

A private caregiver is an individual who is hired by the family to look after their loved ones.

The skills of the individual can vary greatly, with some private caregivers having minimal training while others have college degrees and nurse training.   There are many factors to consider when hiring a private caregiver to come into your home.  In addition to being covered with the required insurances, families are also responsible for inspecting resumes, verifying credentials, contacting references, and performing background checks.   A home care agency will take the headache out of finding a qualified and reputable caregiver for your family.

A home care agency is an organization that employs caregivers and a variety of support staff.

The agency’s staff works together to provide home care for many different clients.  The kinds of staff that work for a home care agency may include caregivers, certified nurses (CNA), home health aides (HHA), licensed vocational nurses (LVN), and registered nurses (RN).

Advantages of using a <strong><em>home care agency</em></strong> include:

Elder Home Care CNY is an established company with solid credentials, a lot of experience and a great reputation.


All staff and caregivers have their credentials independently verified

Staff and caregivers who work for a home care agency have undergone a rigorous screening process. They have had their credentials, references and criminal background checks verified..

They continually receive training

We have a vested interest in training our staff to provide better service to clients.

There are multiple caregivers available

Because we have multiple caregivers, you will always have a caregiver available. If your regular caregiver is ill or goes on vacation, the agency will provide you with another caregiver.  You can choose which caregiver you prefer and there are many to choose from.

Home care agencies constantly evaluate their staff’s performance

They have a number of measures in place to ensure staff are working well and looking after their client’s needs.

Let’s Make Things Better

At EHCC, we cater plans to each unique situation and can help you navigate what help you have available to you. If you are concerned about your senior loved one living home all alone, conducting a thorough assessment can be invaluable. This should be your first step before determining which plan of action to take.